Investing for the future whilst future proofing today

  • With unfair competence and rising prices, competing without adding value is getting harder every day.
  • An accident, a lawsuit and insurance premiums can make it harder to make profits .
  • Constantly evolving solution to meet keep up-to-date with the latest technology on IoT industry
  • Uncertainty on energy costs can render a project undeliverable

of clients prevented accidents with IoT

of clients reduced construction time with IoT

of clients remotely managed their location

reduced costs thanks to sticking on time with IoT


Veora Construction+ is the evolution of construction sites by involving IoT on the whole process. From controlling, managing and monitoring staff, materials, overal progress, site conditions to sell additional features post-sale like leak detection for the pool and API as a service for tenants, Veora was born to allow reunite IoT in the most utter flexible and simple way possible.

Average Electricity utility cost for Every Construction Project

Assuming electricity on-site, we can estimate some of the electricity costs for construction projects. With our solution, we can show how you can reduce the amount of kWh spent leading to huge savings.

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Apartment Buildings

Electricity cost on average per square foot: $7.8 USD


Electricity cost on average per square foot: $15.98 USD

Retail Stores

Electricity cost on average per square foot: $10.69 USD

Office Buildings

Electricity cost on average per square foot: $21.59 USD


Electricity cost on average per square foot: $14.89 USD


Electricity cost on average per square foot: $29.58 USD

Optimize any Construction Project with Veora

0:35 duration

Working Environment

Poor Air quality leads to employee absenteeism

Budget Overcosts

Overtime ranges from 50-60 hours a week


Over 15-20 million dollars are stolen each year from constructions sites on Ontario, Canada.


Fall and respiratory protection were the most violated OSHA standard.

Proactively Solve Problems

Stop looking where the problem is located, save time by having powerful insights about the problem

Diminish Over-Scheduling

30% of overtime results in 7% more labor costs.

Our process can de defined in 4 simple steps


Carefully understand the business objectives


Propose Veora to add-value and how


Our team will take care of the set-up and configurations.


Onboard users, optimize constantly, see the results

Energy Management

Every construction project comes with its challenges, staying on time, prevent accidents and liabilities, avoid thefts and reduce costs can be faced with IoT. We call this process optimization.

Water Monitoring

Operation control monitored for proactively prevent disasters.

Air Quality Control

Accurately real-time monitor and control of Air Quality.

RFID and BLE Tracking and Monitoring

Wether we speak of reduction of costs by using IoT, tracking staff and materials and effective time management on-site, we are able to provide the solution your project needs.

HVAC Optimization

Introducing IoT can bring numerous advantages, but we are experts in allowing you to reuse your IoT devices into new projects, saving thousands in costs and allowing full benefits of optimization.

Accidents Prevention

IoT sensors bring data that, when correctly read from your business needs, turns into valuable insights. All will be secured and only accessed by the group of users defined.

type of IoT sensors supported
up of costs reductions
times faster implementation
ROI value in two years

We solve problems using IoT, supporting MQTT or REST protocols as well as API based IoT devices.

Keeping an eye on important events is a key part of managing a project. Taking immediate action can differentiate between a minor incident or a major setback on the project.

From supporting custom IoT devices to creating customized automations based on custom data-streams, to allowing control from various IoT sensors of basic functionality, our solution allows control of everything related to Internet of Things.


Real-Time Alerts

Notify the right action-taker when a trigger or an abnormal level is met.


Seamless Integrations

Whenever a new IoT device arrives or a new IoT device vendor is presented, our solution will integrate with them.


Rules, Triggers & Automations

Our customers core key value is to transform the data obtained by IoT devices and allow for it to take actions. We are here to show you how!


Flexibility and Scalability

It does not matter if tomorrow thousand more sensors are deployed, we are prepared and ready to support them.

Safety & Security

Workforce safety is our top priorities for us and our clients


Work without spending time on tasks that IoT can take care of


Better focus resources to optimize them thus saving costs

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Optimize from one to several locations, highly impacting the amount of CO2 produced and being environmentally friendly.

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