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Our Solutions

We deeply understand the distinctiveness of each client, our versatile structure enables us to specialize in delivering ROI-effective solutions and unparalleled quality that consistently exceed expectations.

Platform Integration

We possess extensive expertise in platform integration, automation, and infrastructure management. We are a trusted leader in delivering digital transformation solutions.

Data Management

We prioritize privacy and security of the data generated, stored, and accessed, whether it resides on the cloud or on-premises. Our commitment to robust data management is unwavering.

Cloud Solutions

Our expertise in sensors management, connectivity and different protocols such as MQTT, REST API and Azure data knowledge, allows us to provide comprehensive solutions.

Intuitive User Interface (UI)

Our user interface (UI) is built on ReactJS, enabling effortless access from any device and delivering real-time updates.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Our solution was designed as a conscious tool for the environment. By streamlining resources and increasing efficiency, we strive to make a positive impact on our planet.

Veora as a Service

Veora provides connectivity and integration with a wide range of systems, solutions, and devices. Our platform enables data analysis, resource management, and infrastructure operations. Leveraging the power of APIs, we establish a solid foundation for efficient data storage, sharing, and analytics of all IoT sensor information.

Platforms Integration

Whether it’s a Building Management System or an integration with an existing system, we offer the expertise to optimize our solutions. With over 10 years of experience in integrating and connecting systems, we’ve gained a deep understanding of automating processes within systems, bringing exciting opportunities to our clients.


Connectivity brings people and systems closer, that is why we manage the latests technologies for our systems, ranging from WiFi, 5G or the most advanced one, LoraWan.

Veora opens a world of possibilities for sustainability, clean energy, and responsible consumption. As a scalable platform leading with the latest technologies in connectivity and data management, we are also committed to providing solutions that mitigate technology's impact on the world.

- Ishtiaq Ahmed

Get to know about us

Veora emerged from the vision of integrating technology, systems, and environmental data with a strong commitment to both efficiency and environmental stewardship. Our meticulous data ingestion process unlocks valuable insights for organizations, empowering them to optimize operations and take strategic action in specific scenarios while promoting environmental sustainability.

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