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Construction industry has been facing several problems on the last decade, converting this problem into higher costs, increased construction projects time, over-budget, thefts, lower quality than expected and so on. When IoT started providing valuable insights for smarter living and improved traffic handling, construction managers started realizing the benefits of using IoT for enhancing their projects, allowing for increased efficiency, improved safety, and better overall performance.

By using IoT devices, such as sensors and cameras, to collect data in real-time, Veora can help optimize a construction project performance. For example, sensors can be used to monitor the temperature and air quality in a building and adjust accordingly to ensure a comfortable environment for workers, avoiding health hazards and reducing absenteeism.

Veora Construction also provides the ability to learn and adapt over usage patterns. For example, a building’s HVAC system can learn the occupancy patterns and adjust the temperature accordingly to save energy. This not only saves money on energy costs, but also helps reduce the building’s carbon footprint.

Nonetheless, construction industry is also seeing the benefits of using several types of Building Information Modeling software. An example of the BIM is to create a digital twin, which can be used to create an exact replica of the project and detect potential issues even before the construction begins, leading to a potential reduction in construction delays and cost overruns.

Veora Construction was designed with the environment and helping the planet in mind. Not only the use of sustainable materials, green roofs or solar panels contribute to the earth wellbeing, but also the amount of energy, water and the overall efficiency can be counted on that purpose that Veora helps to achieve, reducing the carbon footprint for each project.

As construction projects are facing higher competency, reduced budgets, a more challenging weather, higher costs and a reduced workforce due to health issues, Veora Construction arrived to help construction managers resolve, monitor, control, automate and increase overall efficiency with a cost-effective solution.

We at Veora are able to understand each unique building challenge and have developed Veora Construction, contact us and we will let you know more.