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Manage, control and integrate everything under a dashboard using Veora

Enhancing businesses using Veora

Veora IoT for Smart Buildings, Construction, and Washrooms.

Elevate your operations and step into the future with Veora. Schedule a consultation today.

At our company, we specialize in utilizing environmental data analysis to optimize business operations, decrease CO2 emissions and provide valuable insights for sustainable growth. Join us in revolutionizing the industry and driving positive change.

Unleash your business efficiency with IoT.

Frequently Asked Questions about IOT solution 2023
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Smart Buildings

Veora empowers building managers, tenants, and landlords with smart solutions for energy management, maintenance, security, comfort, carbon reduction, and waste management.

Smart Construction

Veora enables real-time tracking of construction projects, material status, improved security, reduced absenteeism, and better air quality monitoring for improved worker comfort.
Veora enhances security and reduces threats in real time 2023

Smart Washrooms

Veora improves cleaning schedules, tracks staff performance, and ensures bathroom cleanliness, provide improved energy management and provide visitors with a consistently clean experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is IOT?

IoT, or Internet of Things, refers to the interconnectedness of everyday devices through the internet. When implemented correctly, IoT can greatly benefit a location by collecting data from IoT sensors, providing insights and powerful automations that can increase efficiency and drive business growth. With Veora’s AI engine, the data collected is transformed into actionable insights that can lead to cost reduction and help achieve business goals that were previously unattainable.

How can Veora help my business?

By adopting Veora for your business, you’ll gain control over your environment and resources, allowing you to optimize, monitor, track, control and forecast the usage of utilities, machines, services, and human presence to strategic plan and automatically automate tasks. Veora enables you to regain time lost in tasks, better focus human resources, reduce utility bills, prevent thefts, reduce insurance premiums, automate based on flexible conditions, improve the efficiency of staff, remote control a location, and continue to provide value as our platform constantly evolves to include new features.

How can I get started?

At Veora, our team of IoT experts is dedicated to providing guidance on how to take advantage of IoT opportunities. Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll show you how IoT can benefit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions about IOT solution 2023